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✅Overal Rating – 2.5

✅The Lowest Price – $ 10.00

✅Minimum Deadline – 3.0 Hours

Highs and Lows

Pros and Cons of EssayTigers

Fake location

This company hasn’t gained popularity, and its reputation is mediocre.

Real reviews

Real reviews about this service are hidden


Support agents are foreigners

Good pricing

The price of an essay is usually determined quality and count word


Quality is above average

Online reputation

They are an old company


Fair Refund Policy

About EssayTigers Writing Service

EssayTigers Review: The Guide to Excellent Writing

Realizing your academic goals is everything you need while in college. There are various ways you can employ to achieve that. Among them is relying on a reputable writing service. We evaluate different companies to ensure clients get an ideal service for academic support. A good review will help you avoid fraudulent establishments that mimic reliable companies.Here, you will learn more about EssayTigers to make sound judgments when you need support from professionals. It is among old establishments founded in 2012. The eight years in the industry are long enough to acquaint itself with the writing norms.It composes several kinds of projects because they have numerous essayists and copyreaders to facilitate that. So, you can get any type of piece here.  The quality of their tasks is excellent; it is the same as the price. They provide value for your money. The only thing that makes this service questionable is its location. It is phony, and like others, they seem to be among foreign establishments. Another essential aspect that is concealed is the money-back in terms of service. Students who need to do well in education can use it, notwithstanding the terrible online reputation. More about this service are discussed below.

EssayTigers in the Face of Writing an Assignment

EssayTigers is a renowned service in the US since its establishment in 2012. It took the service a lot of dedication, money, and time to get to the limelight. From the web archives, it is a steadfast company. Any genuine assessment you read will prove its desire to deliver excellent support to a customer to ensure the assignment is completed as required.Many companies hide their identity when they are not in The US or UK. It is the same thing this company did. The location provided in Costa Mesa, California, is fake. Any legal company with a good reputation, such as, should not have lied to the public about its location. It has found means of being on the top of Google search, but when you use other bases like Trustpilot, the review paints a different painting.  In terms of service, belongs to Search Novations Inc., situated at Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Island, and another company manages it in Cyprus. With the contradicting information of such companies seem to be a scam. Moreover, when you follow the location provided in terms of service, you find an offshore address, indicating that it hides its money there.The linked establishments that offer lower prices have a fake page online. So it is tough to conclude that it is a scam. However, taking the analysis deep provides some data to review.

Takeaway Points

Many writing companies are available online that are worse than Essaytigers. The assessment we provide allows you to know the company from different angles. We cannot conclude that it is a scam or not. Here are some points to think about.

  • The quality exceeds the average
  • Real criticism about the company are hidden
  • It is an old company
  • Likelihood of having a foreign customer support agent

The mix of data makes its reputation questionable. It is so much into creating an online reputation, but it has not covered everything. Any client who gets such information feels insecure to rely on it. The evaluation we provide assists you make the right choice. Besides, you have taken an excellent move to review the company before trusting it with your assignment.Reading the criticism about a company is what any client will do to guarantee the quality of the term paper before relying on any service.  Establishments that do this seem to be hiding something. It is the same with Essaytigers because the only review we can see is on the Sitejabber platform and nowhere else. Because of the contradicting information, it is rated as an average establishment.It is hard to get good words about this service, so when you consider writing your paper, ensure you think twice.

Refund Policy

Everyone wants to ensure his or her money is spent well. Any customer will evaluate the refund policy in case something happens. Like many companies, we seem to see the same trend here. has a decent refund policy. This implies that your money can be safe here.

It assures only a complete refund for a payment fault if they do not find a writer to complete your paper and if they fail to deliver your piece on time. For timely delivery, it does not apply to revision.

You get 70% of the refund if you revoke an order before half of the deadline. It assures 50% if they do not have a writer for the revision or you have revoked the order after half of the deadline has passed. You won’t get a refund if the order is approved. It also considers an order send for revision as approved. So, to be on the safe side, ensure you revoke your order if there is an issue and avoid granting them a second chance because they won’t guarantee a refund for your order.

Variety of Services Offered

Apart from considering the price, it is vital to review a company about the quality and kind of services. It offers a wide range of services. The available essayists can compose any order you provide. They can write your term paper, argumentative paper, research, and thesis, among other basic papers. To get an order, visit and complete the order form by offering the required particulars. Use the correct email because they usually send a password to the email. The form allows you to select the type of paper, topic, and subject and provide order guidelines to complete your assignment.

Ensure you upload supplementary resources as soon as possible for the order to be accepted. After you have provided what they need, the next option is the price and deadline. Ensure you are accurate to get your paper timely. You will be required to select the kind of essay you need, either editing or drafting from scratch; the deadline will be provided for each assignment.

Visit to learn various aspects. For instance, you do not get better quality by selecting a higher academic level. Instead, select a top writer to guarantee an excellent paper. The quality of your term paper depends on the writer. Therefore, after providing the required information, ensure you select an excellent writer.

Selecting VIP services implies that the customer agent will reply a bit faster, and you will also get SMS notifications.

More Data About Essaytigers

Talking about the price, it is ideal for the kind of services you receive from this establishment. The contradictory information makes it seem unreliable, but you find it pleasing when you get more info. An agent will help you to apply for a discount code to your order that significantly reduces the money you pay.
The establishment has many essayists to meet the needs of different clients. Students who need assistance to complete their papers and secure more time for other errands can rely on this service.

The company has native speakers of English to ensure the pieces you get meet your needs. Make use of the available assistance to score this term highly. Any agent you get is responsive and assists you accordingly. So, if you want them to do your revision, complete your order from scratch of work on ant task, will provide you with that. The writer you select provides the ideal services to guarantee satisfaction.

Extra Services

Essaytigers has extra features it provides to its clients. They provide abstract pages and plagiarism reports, providing what the client needs. This review includes everything about ensuring you make the right move when you want assistance to do your tasks.

The other feature is VIP customer service that allows the agent to be faster in responding to you. You also get your preferred writer to complete your order. You are entitled to pay extra cash for a top writer to guarantee an excellent paper.

Questions About

Many people ask questions and seek reviews about this company because of various aspects. Here are some top questions.

Is Essaytigers Scam?

The information about the establishment’s location attracted my attention. From the location’s point of view, I can conclude that is a scam!

Is Essaytigers Safe?

Before doing a detailed assessment, the company is safe. Like many other services, it seems to be a safe and professional establishment. However, when you review the terms and conditions, you find it otherwise. So be careful when using the establishment either for revision or customized services. You can as well order from another establishment

Is Essaytigers Fraud?

The limited review makes it hard to conclude. However, it has not gained popularity, and it is considered a mediocre establishment. About being legit, it is also confusing because you cannot get a refund after you have approved the order.

The Bottom Line About

The company has not provided enough information to make many students rely on it. If you have your term paper and feel uneasy about trusting it to this service, find another establishment.


What People Are Saying About EssayTigers

Ordered several essays through EssayTigers over the years. Very friendly support and writers. Each essay I ordered was written to the same high standards which suit me down to the ground. Overall, a great resource to use when needed help for papers or course work.
Wilfrid Boone


Overall happy and satisfied with the service. It’s been really helpful and the delivery was quick. I got the work exactly how I wanted. Thank you Essay Tigers for your support and great work.


Olivia Doyle



Frequently Asked Questions

What is EssayTigers?
It’s an online service specializing in academic essay writing
Is EssayTigers scam?
There is no clear evidence of the overall EssayTigers scam activity. The service has contacts and a physical address.
Is EssayTigers plagiarism-free?
I can say yes, plagiarism is strictly prohibited on the site. It’s a reason to get a full refund.
How much does EssayTigers cost?
Per page minimal price is $10. Registration and membership in the service are free
Is EssayTigers safe?
With all service reliable security tools, this site can be referred to as a totally safe one
Are there EssayTigers discounts?
The support agents will also apply some discount code to your order if you ask them to.
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